Colorado Astrophotography

Colorado Astrophotography

by Maggie Martin

I specialize in astro and landscape photography. Astrophotography became a quick passion as its long exposures have taught me how to meditate, hold a stretch, quiet my mind, and find beauty in the world that is invisible to the naked eye.

As a former special-ed teacher of 14 years, I have recently swerved my life to be more in tune with my values and pursue different dreams. The universe has been incredibly therapeutic in showing me how to stay mindful, present, and in control of my energy as well as my potential.

I offer not only a variety of magical moments I have found in this world through fine art archival prints, but many of my pieces have a meditation or prayer attached to them. Prior to being a teacher, I worked in a movie theater as the film projection manager (in the days of film). This background inspired me to create light boxes with my photography so that the light can shine thorough. As part of my creative journey, I have begun providing astrophotography experiences to teach people how to become comfortable with their camera in the dark. I also do photo shoots, date nights, and engagements under the stars.

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