Lume Machina

Lume Machina

by Mark Bellncula

I’m a transitional emerging artist whose professional career as a director/animator infuses my current creative endeavors. With my work, I question the conception that the man-made is unnatural by leveraging the skills and tools of digital filmmaking and visual effects to ask how can the artificial be considered unnatural, constructed by mindless machines, when the machines are ultimately constructed by humans. I postulate that everything is nature, and that there is nothing unnatural or supernatural, which is in conflict in how I wrap my work in the patina of ritual and alchemy, by labeling my productions as ‘ceremonial rites’ and referring to myself as a ‘wizard’. I am best known for my pioneering, era defining, motion design work. Notably for the infamous, award winning, rebrand for Comedy Central in 2004, which serves as an example of my working principles of allowing chaotic forces of nature through the binary gates of the digital realm.

My alpha project is Lume Machina, a performance based, time dilated, exercise in precision aerial robotics. 

Lume Machina’s massive neon-like structures begin as 3D line data created in a visual effects program. That data is then converted to flight envelope data using proprietary code called ‘La Machine’. Then on moonless nights, beyond the edge of civilization, as high as 12,000 feet, battling the wind and rain, I launch my LED equipped sUAS in front of an open shutter for its autonomous performance.

What begins as digital – ends as digital, but for one short moment, existed in real life, as an ephemeral time-space sculpture. 

The work is sculpture, design, typography, temporal graffiti and photography, as well as analog and digital. Due to nature’s collaborative effect, each performance, by what is essentially a flying robot engulfed in moving air, and therefore each document, can never be replicated. Consider these works as documents of an aerial robotics performance. An Autonomous digital being that is set loose in the chaotic uncontrollable analog wild, that is endlessly repeatable (in the Digital realm), yet endlessly variable (in the Analogue realm).

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