The Beginning

The Beginning

by James O’Shea IV

Since I can recall I’ve always been taking photos. As a kid it was disposable cameras, or ones I would get free at like Rockies games (that didn’t have a window to let you know film was loaded or not, resulting in both wasted film, and shoot when there was no film). My parents weren’t always the happiest when it came to developing said film though, as many times it was just a black photo or a poorly under-exposed.

However, it was until June, 2007, in which I took the following photo that this all changed. Taken of the Havasu Falls, located within the Havasupai Indian Reservation in Arizona, I was there on a Boy Scout camping trip (a 10+ mile hike in backpacking trip). I remember walking to the falls and realized no one was there and quickly ran back to camp to get my camera, ending up cutting up my foot in doing so. You’d think after the rolls were developed and I saw this photo that would change, but it didn’t. It actually wasn’t until a friend pointed out how good the photo was that it clicked.

From that point on, my photography just grew, as I played around with new things, and just taking photos much more freely (having a digital camera helped with that, and my parents enjoyed not having to pay for developing film). There was the college newspaper, where I got my first DSLR, and started working with photographing people, when before, I focused more on scenery or architecture. Or more recently, attending my first anime convention, Nan Desu Kan, in 2013, that sparked a drive that led me to investing more into my photography, with not only near gear, but new approaches including using flashes for the first time (I used to always avoid using one, of any sort).

However, when it comes down to it, this photo, a simple disposable camera photo, developed at a King Soopers, was the spark of it all.

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