Lighting Up Fashion

Lighting Up Fashion

by Russell Klimas

I’ve been light painting for a considerable amount of time and in that time I’ve tried to see all the applications of light painting and what they hold. Light painting itself from my own experience isn’t a style of photography that people generally pay for or even want portraits of (it’s very rare to get paid work). As much as I LOVE light painting more than anything I’ve been working on discovering ways that it can be used to enhance other kinds of photography, becoming an accent.

One of my favorite photographers is Lindsay Adler and she is at the top of the fashion game in photography. Being inspired by her in beauty and fashion photography I’ve been heavily pursuing combining fashion photography with light painting.

This journey has definitely been a rollercoaster filled with strife and anxiety but I’m really loving the direction it’s going. In the photos below you’ll see a combination of parachute dresses, lasers, suits and more. So much of what I do is serendipitous and I can’t wait to create more and push fashion photography to greater heights.

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