The Magnificent Bolt

The Magnificent Bolt

by James O’Shea IV

Lightning photography is an obsession of mine, but one I could never tell you why. All I know is that one day, after getting my first DLSR, I remember learning of a storm coming in and was going to try and photograph it … I failed miserably. While I knew the concepts, I didn’t know the techniques.

However, I quickly fixed this, learning, as well as teaching myself, all the proper tricks and techniques that make what I determined to be a good lightning photo. Ended up posting the guide online, which proved successful for others.

The following was selected from a specific set of photos I took across two days, straight out of my dorm room window in college (off the 3rd floor). The reason it’s called “The Magnificent Bolt”, is because it was the perfect strike. The bolt framed up perfectly, was a strong bolt of lightning (why it’s so bright), but also, still clear that you can see each twist and turn.

Sadly, while the obsession remains, the ability to shoot said photos isn’t. It has been many years since I’ve even had a chance for these photos, and even in years past, sometimes the chances have been limited (mainly due to location). However, it doesn’t stop me, where I will carry my gear with me, if there’s even a chance for a storm, including, hauling it on business trips, just in case I get the chance at another photo.

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