The month of photography 2021 is here!

Throughout March, the goal is to showcase the works of photographers located in and around the Denver area for the month of photography 2021. Pretty much, as long as you live in Colorado, you’ll be considered.

First the disclaimer. Your submissions will be rejected if your material is inappropriate or offensive. And you will obviously be reported to the authorities if any of it is illegal. I am attempting to keep it PG-13 but will consider tasteful nudity as this is geared towards the general public.

What I need from you.

At the top of the email include the following:

First Name:
Last Name:
Photography name if different:
City and State:
Link to your website and/or social media account:

In an email, please submit an article or post in the body of the email. Please also include a suggested title. This post can be about you, it can be a story about the photos you are sharing, you know something that can give the reader/viewer a bit of insight about you.

Finally, please attach at least one and up to 5 JPEGs that you want to include with your article. Size them appropriately for web viewing at 72 DPI and keep each individual file to a 2MB maximum. You can have a watermark or not, its up to you. Right-clicking will be disabled in the galleries so the easy way to steal stuff will be disabled at least.

The overall goal will be to have a front page full of images from in and around Denver for the month of photography. If a user clicks on an image, they’ll be able to read about the story or photographer behind the image. As a photographer, you must live in Colorado, at least part time, but the photographs do not need to be in/from Colorado.

There are no submission limits if you dabble in more than one style of photography and want to segregate your posts. You can submit more than one article/post. Depending on how many I receive, I might not have time to post more than one per user so lead with your best one ;).

If you can see this page, submissions are open. I would recomend submitting your work sooner than later but would prefer all submissions before March 15th, 2021.

Please email this information to